Assault Cannon

Assault Cannon

The Assault Cannon is a large-caliber rotating six-barreled rapid fire weapon which makes up the right arm mount of an Imperial Dreadnought, capable of tearing its targets to pieces in a storm of heavy high-velocity solid-slug ammunition.

Although the Dreadnought has unlimited ammunition reserves, it must reload after every 140 shots. Each shell is half as damaging as a shot from the Reaper Autocannon, but the rate of fire is exactly double, resulting in the same damage per second.

Like most automatic weapons, its accuracy degrades when firing long bursts of fully automatic fire compared to single shots or short bursts, due to recoil. The accuracy degrades at half the rate per shot as the Reaper Autocannon, but with double the rate of fire, so the effective recoil is similar. Due to the higher rate of fire and lower individual damage per shot, it more easily allows sustaining damage on fast-moving or fleeting targets, compared to the Reaper Autocannon.

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