Blind Grenades
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Krak grenade
UnlockLevel 1
DetailsFlash grenades designed to blind or disorient the enemy.

Blind Grenades are a Special Equipment choice available to all classes. They are full-spectrum electromagnetic flash grenades designed to blind or disorient enemies, even ones equipped with advanced helmet auto-senses.


Selecting this equipment choice grants one blind grenade when the player spawns (or two grenades, if the Tactical-only Perk Favor of the Armory was chosen). Additional grenades can be obtained from the equipment pickups found on bodies of slain friends or foes, and the player is able to carry a maximum of two at once (or a maximum of four, if the player has Favor of the Armory).

The grenades are thrown just like Frag Grenades, but in addition to causing 10 damage, they will blind anyone caught in the blast radius of 30 meters (their screen will turn white and they hear noise). The effect will last about 4 seconds for targets caught within the inner 20 meters of the blast, and about 2 seconds for targets at the outer area of the blast. 

Using Master-Crafted Wargear, the Blind Grenade will have an additional 2 seconds to the effect at close and far range, but it does not increase the radius of the blast.

Blind Grenades are mostly used by the Assault/Raptor class, lobbed at a ranged enemy from the air or perhaps into a room before entering. They can also be useful to Tactical players with a short-range weapon (such as the Melta Gun), however, especially with the buff from Master-Crafted Wargear (which is only available to the Tactical class).

In Exterminatus mode, they are used to stun hordes of basic enemies for a short time, allowing players a moment's respite to retreat and reposition themselves, or to slay a few more enemies without retalation. Elite foes, however are immune to this effect.

Related perksEdit

BandolierFavor of the ArmoryIncreases the number of special equipment carried (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, Combat Stims).
MechanicMaster-Crafted WargearIncreased equipment effectiveness (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Combat Stims).
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