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Bolter Targeter
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Bolter Targeter
UnlockPerform 30 Killstreaks
DetailsIncreased accuracy with the Bolter.

Bolter Targeter is a Tactical weapon perk available after performing 30 killstreaks with the Bolter.


The Targeter significantly reduces recoil-induced reticle spread, when firing while when aiming down sights, allowing the Bolter to be fired on full-auto without drawback. This drastically increases the effective range, allowing it to fire across even large maps to good effect, while concentrating damage on weak spots. At closer distances the tight spread results in rapid damage as virtually none of the shots will miss if aimed properly.

The Bolter must be aimed (zoomed) for its spread negation to take effect. When fired from the hip, the Perk has no discernible effect.

The Bolter Targeter will only completely eliminate recoil spread when combined with the Kraken Bolts perk, due to the Kraken Bolts inducing an 14.2% reduction in rate of fire. On a Bolter using normal ammunition (with the correspondingly higher cyclic rate of fire), the Targeter will still reduce recoil and allow the player to fire more frequent and accurate bursts, but the effect is less pronounced than with Kraken ammo.

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