Chain Axe
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Chain Axe
UnlockLevel 6
Dmg HPDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
SpeedDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
DetailsFavored by the dread warriors of Khorne, the hideous Chain Axe is slower to use than the Chainsword, but delivers tremendous damage.

The Chain Axe is an advanced hand-to-hand combat weapon similar to the Chainsword; heavier and more cumbersome, but more devastating. The weapon's heavy head whirs with razor-like teeth that chew through armor, ripping and tearing the flesh beneath.

The Axe swings at approximately 54% the speed of the power sword, but does more damage. Unlike the other melee weapons which only do normal damage, each direct hit from the Power Axe also does 250 Armor damage per swing. This means than any class will automatically lose all of their armor upon a direct hit, after which that same hit will also deal 70 normal damage (combo attack #1 and #2) or 90 damage (combo attack #3 and #4) to the health underneath. It should be noted that the perk Feel No Pain will only reduce the Armor damage to 175, which still will remove all armor from any class during normal game settings.

On a glancing hit, the axe will do 110 + 110 + 120 + 120 for each of the 4 hits respectively, and does not inflict any armor only damage. This Chaos Space Marine weapon is functionally identical to the Power Axe

Axe Combos
Strike # Health Armor Glance Dreadnought
1 70 250 110 3.5%
2 70 250 110 5.5%
3 90 250 120 7%
4 90 250 120 8%
Total 320 1000 460 24%

Weapon Perks[edit | edit source]

Power axe slowing strikes.pngAxeman's ZealRegain some health with every strike with the Power Axe or Chain Axe.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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