Chaos Drone
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Chaos Drones (properly called "Blight Drones" in the tabletop wargame) are large, daemon-possessed aerial units equipped with a heavy autocannon, providing aerial support to the forces of Chaos, especially servants of Nurgle. Their central eye can see its target no matter what cover the enemy hides behind. An insane Warp manifestation, the Chaos Drone is part flesh, part machine, and pure evil.


Whilst very durable, it doesn't do all that much damage per shot, only sustained fire will pose a real threat to you. Melee weapons do nothing to it, so stick to ranged weapons and aim. Stay near cover if available, or stay moving to throw off its aim if not available. Just keep firing and moving, and it'll go down eventually.

The best weapon to take out Drones is probably the Lascannon (the mounted Autocannon in Chapter 16 is also nice). They are a bit hard to hit with the Plasma Gun and generally too far away to hit with a Storm Bolter or such, so your secondary choice is pretty much the Kraken Bolter.

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