Combat Stimulants
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Stimpack mp
UnlockLevel 9
DetailsTemporary damage resistance and increased close-combat damage..

Combat Stimulants are a special equipment choice available to all multiplayer classes from level 9. They grant temporary damage resistance and increased close-combat damage.


Choosing this special equipment grants the player with one dose of Combat Stimulants that are consumed when activated. The perk Favor of the Armory increases this to two doses of the equipment in the inventory when the player spawns. Regardless of whether the Favor of the Armory perk is chosen, the maximum number that can be carried by picking up equipment drops from slain players is always two (2).

When activated, the Combat Stimulants apply an effect to the user that reduces incoming damage to the user's health, and increases the user's melee damage output. Note that the reduction to incoming damage only works on damage being applied to health, and does not reduce damage to armor.

Ranged, explosive and environmental damage is reduced by -25%, and incoming melee damage is reduced by -50%. Delivered melee damage is increased by 35%.

When used by a Tactical Marine with the perk Master-Crafted Wargear, the reduction in received ranged, explosive and environmental damage is improved to -40% and reduction in received melee damage is improved to -65%. Delivered melee damage is increased by 100%.

In either case, they also cause a player to be immune to the stunning effects of Interrupt melee attacks and explosive blasts for the duration of the effect.

All the aforementioned effects last for 5 seconds, and are indicated with a visible glowing effect on the user.

Related perksEdit

BandolierFavor of the ArmoryIncreases the number of special equipment carried (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, Combat Stims).
MechanicMaster-Crafted WargearIncreased equipment effectiveness (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Combat Stims).
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