Final Vengeance
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Final Vengeance
ClassAssault, Raptor
UnlockLevel 13
DetailsWhen you are killed, your Jump Pack detonates, causing damage to all nearby enemies.

Final Vengeance is an Assault/Raptor class perk. When your Raptor/Assault dies, his Jump Pack explodes after a short delay. This explosion does 200 damage, effectively making the Jump Pack detonate like a grenade. For this perk to be efective, its user needs to be very close to the enemy when he dies. Since Assault/Raptor Marines tend to engage the enemy in very close quarters, it is likely that an enemy will be within the Final Vengeance blast radius when the Marine dies.

Note that there is still a delay before the Jump Pack explodes, after the Final Vengeance user is killed. During this time, a directional warning indicator appears on the screen of players within the blast radius, similar to the grenade warning indicator (except it displays a Jump Pack icon instead of a Grenade icon). The dead player's Jump Pack also emits an audible beeping noise. Thus, alert players can escape the explosion, though under combat conditions pinning fire and other distractions frequently makes escape difficult, and even enemies that successfully evade the blast are frequently forced into disadvantageous positions (e.g. flushed out of cover) allowing other teammates to finish them off.

If a Final Vengeance detonation successfully kills an opposing player, the kill message in the top right of the screen shows a Jump Pack as the weapon icon (the same icon used if a kill is made using a Ground Pound or Jump Pack Charge attack).

Typically more experienced players select other Perks, as Final Vengeance only has an effect if the player dies, and can be evader, whereas other perks may help a player to survive longer and inflict more casualties on the enemy instead.

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