Frag Grenades
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Frag grenade
UnlockLevel 1
DetailsTimed anti-infantry grenades.

Frag Grenades are a Special Equipment choice available to all classes.

Astartes-pattern Frag Grenades are large and powerful devices, heavier than ordinary human-scale grenades, with a powerful enough explosive charge and aerodynamically shaped metallic alloy shrapnel fragments that allow them to remain effective even against enemy Astartes.

Frag Grenades cause straight-up damage upon detonation, though surviving enemies caught in the inner blast radius will also stagger briefly (similar to the effect of a light Interrupt attack).


Selecting this equipment choice grants one frag grenade when the player spawns (or two grenades if the Tactical-only perk Favor of the Armory is chosen). Additional grenades can be obtained from the equipment pickups found on bodies of slain friends or foes, and the player is able to carry a maximum of two at once (or a maximum of four, if the player has Favor of the Armory).

Frag Grenades are simply hurled at the enemy (or where you expect the enemy to move toward). They bounce off walls, making it possible to bounce them around corners to some extent. They cause damage upon exploding with a radius of 10 meters, with greater damage in the center of the blast and less at the edges. At the epicenter, a standard frag grenade will do 200 damage.

They can soften up fresh opponents, or finish off weakened ones, or force enemies to move to avoid the grenades such as flushing them out of cover or making them back off. They are especially effective at forcing opponents to stop capturing a Control Point

Frag Grenades can generally be used effectively by all classes for both defensive and offensive purposes, but Tactical Marines are able to further improve their use through the perk Favor of the Armory (start with, and carry, more grenades), or Master-Crafted Wargear (increase grenade damage and blast radius), or even both perks at once.

Blast Radius of Frag Grenades
Meters Damage With Master Crafted Wargear
1 200 300
2 100 150
3 100 150
4 100 150
5 60 90
6 60 90
7 60 90
8 40 90
9 20 73
10 7 58
11 0 46
12 0 26
13 0 15
14 0 0

Related perksEdit

BandolierFavor of the ArmoryIncreases the number of special equipment carried (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, Combat Stims).
MechanicMaster-Crafted WargearIncreased equipment effectiveness (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Combat Stims).
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