Furious Charge
Assault 24x16Raptor 24x16
Improved bullrush
UnlockLevel 1
DetailsCharge causes increased damage.

Furious Charge is a Assault/Raptor class perk available at level 1. With this perk a Shoulder Charge attack inflicts 150 damage (100 normal damage and 50 armor damage). The perk increases the damage of both the running Shoulder Charge, as well as the jump pack-thrust Shoulder Charge.

Due to the recovery time after performing a charge, it is best used as a finishing move (rather than an opening attack), by reducing a target's armor sufficiently to allow the Charge to kill. Enemy Tacticals have 100 armor/100 health, and thus need 50 armor to be removed first, while enemy Assaults have 60 armor/100 health, requiring 10 armor to be shot off, to ensure that a solid Furious Charge will then result in a kill.

Alternatively, a Furious Charge-enhanced Charge move can be performed while Combat Stimulants are active, resulting in 202 damage, sufficient to kill a fully armored and undamaged Tactical or Assault/Raptor Marine in one hit.