Ground Pound is an air-to-ground attack used by Assault/Raptor marines.

After launching into the air with a Jump Pack, you will be provided a targeting reticle below you on the ground. This can be adjusted from -45 to -90 degrees below eye level. Once triggered the marine will travel down at 63 m/s causing a blast of AOE damage 7 meters in radius. At the epicenter this attack causes up to 50 armor-only damage and 25 normal damage. The recovery time between when the marine hits the floor, and when they are first able to begin a melee attack, is improved by executing a Ground Pound, compared to performing a "quiet" landing after a jump.

A "quiet" landing will also cause 15 damage to either armor or normal if the Assault Marine manages to land right next to an enemy,

The Death From Above perk significantly improves the Ground Pound, adding 50 normal damage, for a total of 50 armor-only plus 75 normal damage.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Death from above.pngDeath From AboveImproved damage when executing a Ground Pound with a Jump Pack.
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