Havoc 24x16
Csm havoc
RoleHeavy support

Veterans of countless centuries of war, Havocs are versatile and fearsome champions for their Dark Gods. Like loyalist Devastators, Havocs serve as the heavy support on the battlefield.


With access to powerful weapons such as the Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Plasma Cannon, Havocs wield amazing firepower. They are most often found holding key positions with good fields of fire, allowing them to bring their weapons to bear from long range. Overwhelming firepower is what they offer at the expense of maneuverability.

In multiplayer the Havocs are fearsome when engaged in a ranged firefight. They can lock down sections of the map with their firepower, regardless of what weapon they wield. Each of their weapons offers its own powerful alternate fire mode, such as the Plasma Cannon's charged shot with a blast radius, the Heavy Bolter's braced stance with an increased rate of fire, or the Lascannon's powerful and accurate charged shot.

Devastators suffer a huge mobility disadvantage compared with tactical marines. They lose the ability to roll through opponents, instead gaining a 6 meter 'hop'. While their walk speed, and speed while aiming remain unchanged, they only can move up to 115% speed while running. Their melee damage is a poor 30 damage kick, but the stunning stomp attack and defensive perks improves Devastator survivability enormously. Also of note, just by standing next to it, there is a glitch that allows the Havoc to shoot through some cover, although this does not work with the Plasma Cannon (both fire modes).

Weapon optionsEdit

Bolt pistol chaosBolt PistolIn service for millennia, this pistol pulses with the hatred of the Chaos Space Marines who have wielded it.
Heavy bolter chaosHeavy BolterAdorned in honor of the Chaos gods, this Tainted Heavy Bolter replicates the staggering firepower of emplaced weapons in a portable form.
Lascannon chaosLascannonMarked with dark sigils, the Tainted Lascannon fires a charged energy blast along a powerful laser and can cut through almost any armor at extreme range.
Plasma cannon chaosPlasma CannonDaemons of warpfire are bound in the firing chamber of this weapon. It unleashes explosive charged blasts, able to penetrate enemy armor and obstacles.

Special Equipment options Edit

Frag grenadeFrag GrenadesTimed anti-infantry grenades.
Krak grenadeBlind GrenadesFlash grenades designed to blind or disorient the enemy.
Stimpack mpCombat StimulantsTemporary damage resistance and increased close-combat damage..

Class Perks Edit

More starting ammoAmmunition StoresStart with twice the standard amount of ammunition.
Signum linkSignum LinkEnemies appear more clearly when viewing the battlefield.
Speed increaseFast StompThe stomp is executed much more quickly.
Better stompFurious StompIncreased damage and area of effect when executing a stomp.
PainlessFeel No PainIncreased resistance to damage from close-combat weapons and explosives.
RechargeArtificer ArmorGreatly reduced delay before Armor begins regenerating.
Iron haloIron Halo / Chaos IconMarkedly increased armor.
Special shield breakReactive BlastWhen your Armor is broken, you emit an area-of-effect blast, damaging nearby attackers.

Weapon Perks Edit

Heavy bolter reinforced barrelHeavy Bolter CoolantGreatly reduced heat build-up for the Heavy Bolter.
Heavy bolter faster braced fireHeavy Bolter ExpertiseMarkedly reduced time to change to and from braced stance with the Heavy Bolter.
Plasma cannon reduced charged shot timeImproved Plasma ChargeReduces the time it takes to fire a charged shot.
Plasma cannon heat dissipationPlasma Heat SinkThe Plasma Cannon generates less heat with each shot.
Lascannon overclocked capacitorLascannon CapacitorsImproved capacitor loading speed.
Lascannon improved alt fireLascannon StabilizersThe Lascannon handles better when firing.


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