Heavy Bolter
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Heavy Bolter
Dmg HPDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
Dmg ARDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
RangeDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
DetailsThe Astartes Mk IVa Heavy Bolter replicates the staggering firepower of emplaced weapons. The wielder can brace to trade mobility for rate of fire and accuracy.

The Heavy Bolter is a heavier version of the Bolter, analogous to a machine gun although proportionally more powerful due to firing explosive bolts.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Astartes Mk IVa Heavy Bolter replicates the staggering firepower of emplaced weapons in a form portable by a mighty Space Marine. By planting his feet, the wielder can gain increased rate of fire and accuracy at the cost of mobility.

Heavy bolters are generally used for anti-infantry or fire support roles. It fires a round comparable to the size of a human fist, which is considerably larger than that of the standard bolter shell, with more propellant and longer range, making it capable of destroying light vehicles. Because of its high rate of fire, jamming is often a problem. Like all bolt weapons, heavy bolters require regular maintenance and ancient litanies to appease their spirits.

The most modern version of the heavy bolter in widespread use is the Astartes Mk IVc. The weapon goes through rounds very quickly using either a disintegrating belt or 40-round high capacity box magazine. It can be fitted with special ammunition or fitted with a bipod to be used in a sustained fire capacity.

Performance[edit | edit source]

Although suffering inaccuracy due to kickback during sustained fire, a heavy bolter will not have its aim climb in the way of a Storm Bolter. This gun will suffer from drop-off in damage due to distance. Up to 50 Meters the rounds will be at 100% effectiveness. From 50 to 75 meters the strength will continue to diminish: from 75 meters onwards it is considered 'maximum range' and will have 80% effectiveness.

Class Perks[edit | edit source]

More starting ammo.pngAmmunition StoresStart with twice the standard amount of ammunition.

Weapon Perks[edit | edit source]

Heavy bolter faster braced fire.pngHeavy Bolter ExpertiseMarkedly reduced time to change to and from braced stance with the Heavy Bolter.
Heavy bolter reinforced barrel.pngHeavy Bolter CoolantGreatly reduced heat build-up for the Heavy Bolter.

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