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Invictus, still held in place by her mooring clamps.

The Invictus is an Imperial Warlord-class Titan warmachine built on the Forge World Graia in Manufactorium Ajakis. It is one of the objectives of the Ork looters and tenaciously defended by the 203rd Cadian and the Ultramarines.

The Invictus is commanded by Princeps Enoch.

Involvement Edit

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The Titans within Manufactorium Ajakis are targeted by Warboss Grimskull to be looted and either stripped or converted for Ork usage. The 203rd Cadian Regiment has been ordered to protect the Invictus specifically. Captain Titus manages to defeat Grimskull and protect the Titan; however, activating the Psychic Scourge causes a Chaos invasion on Graia.

The Warp rift allowing Chaos forces to invade Graia is located within the Orbital Spire, and Titus decides to use the Invictus – "super-charged" using the Power Source created by Drogan for the Psychic Scourge – to fire upon the Spire, destroying it with a single overpowered blast from its right-arm Volcano Cannon from outside normal range. However, the massive power spike from Power Source overloads the Titan's systems and forces it to shut down, though from Princeps Enoch's dialogue it appears this is a necessary but presumably temporary measure. It is not seen from Titus' point of view for the rest of the game, and it is thus unknown if the mighty war machine further participates in the battle against the remnants of the late Warlord Grimskull's Ork horde or the encroaching Chaos forces.

Trivia Edit

  • The previous Captain of the Ultramarines 1st Company, killed during the Battle of Macragge, was named Invictus. As the Ultramarines appear to have priority response to defending Forgeworld Graia, it is possible that the Titan is indeed named after the fallen hero, in honor of their defense pact. However, it is equally likely that the god-machine predates the battle.
  • Invictus' primary armament consists of two Volcano Cannons, which are some of the largest land vehicle-based laser weapons in Imperial use. On either shoulder is a pair of Turbo-Laser Destructors in a double-barrelled mount, smaller than the Volcano Cannons but still incredibly formidable. The type of armament would indicate that once deployed, Invictus will most likely usually be tasked with the destruction of enemy Titans, Gargants or other superheavy war engines, rather than massed formations of conventional forces.
  • Given its Forgeworld of origin, Invictus is likely a Titan of the Legio Astraman. Though, with Invictus being in shadow during most of its appearances, its heraldry is impossible to determine.


Imperial Titan Invictus (Warhammer 40k Space Marine) Full HD

Imperial Titan Invictus (Warhammer 40k Space Marine) Full HD

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