Iron Halo / Chaos Icon
Iron halo.png
Iron Halo / Chaos Icon
ClassDevastator, Havoc
UnlockLevel 19
DetailsMarkedly increased armor.

Iron Halo / Chaos Icon is a Devastator/Havoc class perk available at level 19. This perk will 'add' 50 armor to the base 125 armor that Devastator/Havocs have, raising it to a total of 175 armor.

Using the graphical onscreen armor meter (which is always scaled to the player's max armor), it will have the apparent visual effect of reducing armor damage by 40%. Likewise, the armor bar will appear to regenerate slower. Note that this is only the perceived effect on the graphical meter, the actual change is simply the max armor being raised from 125 to 175, while armor regeneration speed is the same as before (and therefore takes longer to fill up).

As armor is increased but health is unaffected (still 100 health), the perk will have no effect on health damage.

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