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Killing Blow
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Killing Blow
ClassAssault, Raptor
UnlockKill 50 enemies
DetailsStrikes with the Thunder Hammer or Daemon Maul kill all opponents with a single direct blow.

Killing Blow is an Assault/Raptor weapon perk. It is unlocked by killing 50 enemies with the Thunder Hammer or Daemon Maul.


Increases the Thunder Hammer's direct hit damage from 200 (without perk) to 2000 (with perk). This is for a direct hit where the hammer connects solidly with the target.

However, on a glancing blow, meaning a hit at the extreme edge of the Hammer's range, damage is only increased from 100 (without perk) to 150 (with perk). The Killing Blow Hammer is the only weapon where a glancing hit does not do 50% of direct hit damage. For all other weapons (including unperked Hammer), as well as Shoulder Charge and Jump Pack Shoulder Charge attacks, glancing hits do exactly half of solid hit damage. Only the Killing Blow Hammer has a non-intuitive ratio (2000:150) between solid and glancing blows.

Note that using the perk makes the hammer exceptional for killing Dreadnoughts (two full combos causing six solid hits in a row will kill it), whereas it is will only cause slightly more than half of the dreadnoughts health without the perk.

This perk has no effect on the Thunderhammer slam stun attack.

Note that most weapons have the same statistics in competitive multiplayer and Exterminatus, but the Thunder Hammer/Daemon Maul is an exception.

For balance reasons, in Exterminatus the hammer/maul does not do 2000 damage with Killing Blow, as they would otherwise kill almost all enemies in a single hit. The following stats are used in Exterminatus:

Increasing damage of Thunderhammer/Maul
Combo Normal Killing Blow Perk

(Exterminatus only)

1 200 300
2 200 475
3 200 625
Total 600 1400