Armor Mk8 Errant

Mk8 'Errant'

The Mk8 'Errant' Power Armor is a power armor set in Space Marine multiplayer. It is unlocked by winning multiplayer matches on the Space Marine team.

An update and redesign of the Mk7 'Aquila', the Errant-pattern armor features reinforced limb joints, wholly internalised power and motivator cabling, and a new armored neck joint designed to prevent a well-known weakness of the breastplates of prior Marks, which were known to, on occasion, deflect torso-shots upwards into the neck. Not yet in wide use, the small number of Errant-pattern armors released to the Chapters are usually entrusted to members of the honor guard or other officers, though more commonly a newly acquired suit of Errant armor will be divided up, the components entrusted to several high ranking battle-brothers, making full suits of this armor an even rarer sight than individual components.

This armor represents the very latest development in the mass produced equipment of the space marines.


  • Victorious: Win 5 games as a Space Marine (+250 XP)
  • Triumphant: Win 15 games as a Space Marine (Greaves and +750 XP)
  • Crusader: Win 50 games as a Space Marine (Breast Plate and +2500 XP)
  • For the Emperor!: Win 150 games as a Space Marine (+7500 XP)

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