Plasma Cannon
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Plasma Cannon
UnlockLevel 20
Dmg HPDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
Dmg ARDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
RangeDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.pngDamage 24x14.png
DetailsDaemons of warpfire are bound in the firing chamber of this weapon. It unleashes explosive charged blasts, able to penetrate enemy armor and obstacles.

The Plasma Cannon is a heavy weapon that uses the same dark technologies as the smaller Plasma Gun and Plasma Pistol. It fires super-heated globules of hydrogen-based plasma that detonate upon impact, causing extreme damage. Like its two smaller counterparts, it can be charged up to fire an even more devastating blast, powered by 25 units of the weapon's energy stores, but capable of killing even power armored Astartes outright. Charged shots will also leave a burning plasma residue.

Description[edit | edit source]

Daemons of warpfire are bound in the firing chamber of the Tainted Plasma Cannon. It unleashes a succession of explosive charged blasts, able to penetrate enemy armor and obstacles. Standing at the epicenter of the blast, a single plasma explosion will do approximately 60 health, or 120 damage to armor. This is a medium speed projectile traveling at aproximately 71 m/s. By holding down the fire button, the user can also unleash a devastating charged shot which travels at a much slower 26 m/s. The explosion has an effective radius of approximately 15 meters, with nearly every class being killed outright within 12 meters. A direct hit from a fully charged shot will instantly kill any class except a Dreadnought: against this armor a charged shot does 15% (or 4 x that of a normal plasma blast). Both normal blasts and maximal charged shots arc due to gravity, which necessitates aiming high to compensate, but also allows an experienced Devastator to arc shots over cover to some extent.

Performance[edit | edit source]

Blast Radius of Cannon
Meters Health Armor
1 150 650+
2 150 650+
3 150 650+
4 150 650+
5 150 650+
6 150 650+
7 131 263
8 127 255
9 123 247
10 120 240
11 115 231
12 112 225
13 77 154
14 60 120
15 34 68
16 0 0

Class Perks[edit | edit source]

More starting ammo.pngAmmunition StoresStart with twice the standard amount of ammunition.

Weapon Perks[edit | edit source]

Plasma cannon heat dissipation.pngPlasma Heat SinkThe Plasma Cannon generates less heat with each shot.
Plasma cannon reduced charged shot time.pngImproved Plasma ChargeReduces the time it takes to fire a charged shot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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