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Space Marines wearing power armor; Mk7 'Aquila', Veteran's Armor and Mk4 'Maximus'

Power armor is the standard-issue armour of the Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, with its distinctive outline casting fear into the heart of their enemies.


Power armor is a completely enclosed suit made of thick ceramite plates. The armor would be too heavy and cumbersome to wear but for electrically motivated fibre bundles that replicate the wearer's movement and enhance his strength. The suit is fully sealed, isolating the wearer from the outside environment and protecting him from gas weapons and harsh atmospheres. It also commonly includes numerous auxiliary systems such as communicators, auto-senses, life support and medical systems, etc. The backpack contains the power source of the suit.

Some members of the Inquisition and the Adepta Sororitas use a lighter type of power armor. The heavy variant used by Space Marines, however, requires the Black Carapace implant to function properly.

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