Sanguinius siege of terra

Primarch Sanguinius holding off the armies of Chaos by himself during the Siege of Terra

The Primarchs were the twenty genetically-engineered "sons" of the Emperor of Man. The Emperor used his own DNA in their creation, and they were designed to be gods among men; immortal giants with superhuman physique and intelligence, towering above the Space Marines as they do over mortal men. They were also incredibly charismatic, as their main role was to be generals and leaders of the Imperial military.

The Primarchs were created in a secret facility on Luna – Earth's moon – under the tightest security. However, the forces of Chaos somehow managed to spirit the infants away just prior to their maturation. They were scattered on different worlds across the galaxy, beyond the Emperor's reach. The Emperor then used samples of Primarch DNA to create the Space Marines. The genetic material of a single Primarch was used to found a single Space Marine Legion, twenty in total. With the Space Marine Legions, the Emperor set out to reclaim the Primarchs as well as human colonies lost during the Age of Strife. This war of unification was known as the Great Crusade.

One by one the Primarchs were found and united with their Legions, performing great deeds and becoming legends of the Imperium. This golden age ended with the Horus Heresy, when nine turned traitors and attempted to place Primarch Horus on the Imperial throne. The Imperium prevailed, but all loyalist Primarchs are since either slain, disappeared or incapacitated. Of the traitor Primarchs, some were killed but most remain Daemon Princes in the realm of Chaos.

The Primarchs and their LegionsEdit

Name Primarch Details
I Dark Angels Lion El'Jonson Loyalist, incapacitated during Horus Heresy.
II Unknown Unknown Records lost or destroyed.
III Emperor's Children Fulgrim Traitor, Daemon Prince. Killed Ferrus Manus and mortally wounded Roboute Guilliman.
IV Iron Warriors Perturabo Traitor, Daemon Prince.
V White Scars Jaghatai Khan Loyalist, disappeared after the Heresy.
VI Space Wolves Leman Russ Loyalist, nearly killed Magnus. Disappeared into the Eye of Terror after the Heresy.
VII Imperial Fists Rogal Dorn Loyalist, killed during a Black Crusade after the Heresy.
VIII Night Lords Konrad Curze Traitor, killed by a Callidus Temple assassin after the Siege of Terra.
IX Blood Angels Sanguinius Loyalist, killed by Horus during the Siege of Terra.
X Iron Hands Ferrus Manus Loyalist, killed by Fulgrim.
XI Unknown Unknown Records lost or destroyed.
XII World Eaters Angron Traitor, Daemon Prince.
XIII Ultramarines Roboute Guilliman Loyalist, mortally wounded by Fulgrim after the Heresy. Held in stasis, rumoured to be healing.
XIV Death Guard Mortarion Traitor, Daemon Prince.
XV Thousand Sons Magnus the Red Traitor, nearly killed by Leman Russ, now Daemon Prince.
XVI Sons of Horus Horus Traitor, slain by the Emperor.
XVII Word Bearers Lorgar Traitor, Daemon Prince.
XVIII Salamanders Vulkan Loyalist, disappeared after the Heresy.
XIX Raven Guard Corax Loyalist, disappeared into the Eye of Terror after the Heresy.
XX Alpha Legion Alpharius Omegon Traitor, one twin possibly killed by Roboute Guilliman after the Siege of Terra.
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