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Raptors are Chaos Space Marines equipped with Jump Packs and close-combat weapons; the counterpart of the Assault class available to loyalist Space Marines. Versatile and fearsome champions for their Dark Gods, Raptors serve as airborne shock troops dropping in on their enemies causing mass destruction and confusion.

Description Edit

Raptors are equipped for close-quarters melee combat. Jump Packs allow them to quickly close in on the enemy, dropping from the sky in a devastating Ground Pound attack. Likewise the Jump Pack can be used to propel into battle or escape heavy or ranged weapons. Striking hard and fast at vulnerable points in enemy lines, this class uses speed and maneuverability to exploit enemy weaknesses on the battlefield.

While walking, Raptor marines suffer some loss of maneuverability compared to Tactical marines. They only receive a run bonus of up to 125%, compared to the Tactical's 150%, and they have no ability to run through their opponents. What is lost in moving on the ground, is more than made up for by their jump packs. A full burn from a jump pack will keep a marine aloft for 3.2 seconds (on level ground) and improve his forward speed by up to 15.6 m/s (250% improvement over walking). At its maximal appogee this will reach a height of up to 18 meters and traverse 50 meters across a level surface. Expending the jump pack's energy across two separate burns, a marine can increase this distance to 58 meters by performing a low-altitude 'hop'. A marine may additionally trigger a Ground Pound attack, which hurtles the marine toward the ground at an astonishing 63.65 m/s.

Raptors are the only class with a loadout selection for a dedicated melee weapon, although they can only wield a pistol along it, though are also the only class with the option to wield a Plasma Pistol as a replacement for the standard Bolt Pistol . The True Grit perk, however, allows wielding a Bolter one-handed, granting higher sustained ranged damage in exchange for a perk slot. Also of note, there is a glitch that allows the Raptor to shoot through some cover, just by standing next to it, although this does not work with the Plasma Pistol's charged shot.

  • Melee weapon: Chainsword, Chain Axe, Daemon Maul, Power Sword
  • Ranged weapon: Bolt Pistol or Plasma Pistol (or Bolter with True Grit)
  • For a brief strategy guide for Exterminatus, check out the Loyalist Assault Marine page.

Weapons Edit

Chainsword chaosChainswordConsecrated to the dark powers of Chaos, this chainsword hums with the bloodlust of its dark masters.
ChainaxeChain AxeFavored by the dread warriors of Khorne, the hideous Chain Axe is slower to use than the Chainsword, but delivers tremendous damage.
PowermaceDaemon MaulA powerful daemon of hatred is bound within this huge maul, giving each blow terrible destructive power.
Power sword chaosPower SwordInlaid with foul sigils dedicated to the Chaos Gods, this tainted Power Sword cuts through enemies with ease.
Bolt pistol chaosBolt PistolIn service for millennia, this pistol pulses with the hatred of the Chaos Space Marines who have wielded it.
Plasma pistol chaosPlasma PistolThis Chaos-tainted plasma pistol fires balls of super-heated plasma, making it a deadly companion to a close-combat weapon.
Bolter chaosBolterThis Bolter is the fearsome counterpart to the gleaming weapons of the loyalists. Each self-propelled explosive round is branded with dark sigils.

Special Equipment Edit

Frag grenadeFrag GrenadesTimed anti-infantry grenades.
Krak grenadeBlind GrenadesFlash grenades designed to blind or disorient the enemy.
Stimpack mpCombat StimulantsTemporary damage resistance and increased close-combat damage..

Class Perks Edit

Thruster optimizationAir-Cooled ThrustersIncreases the Jump Pack power recharge rate between jumps.
Damaging jumpBlast OffEngine exhaust when jumping away causes damage to enemies.
Death from aboveDeath From AboveImproved damage when executing a Ground Pound with a Jump Pack.
From the graveFinal VengeanceWhen you are killed, your Jump Pack detonates, causing damage to all nearby enemies.
Improved bullrushFurious ChargeCharge causes increased damage.
Ranged damage resistanceImpenetrableIncreased resistance to damage from ranged weapons.
Super y attackSure StrikeImproves the effectiveness of the Interrupt Attacks.
True gritTrue GritEquip the Bolter in place of the Bolt Pistol, holding it one-handed.

Weapon Perks Edit

Power axe slowing strikesAxeman's ZealRegain some health with every strike with the Power Axe or Chain Axe.
Bolt pistol larger magBolt Pistol MagazineThe Bolt Pistol holds additional rounds per clip.
Supercharged thunder hammerKilling BlowStrikes with the Thunder Hammer or Daemon Maul kill all opponents with a single direct blow.
Plasma pistol heat dissipationPlasma Heat SinkThe Plasma Pistol vents more quickly.
Power swordsmans zealPower Swordsman's ZealRegain some health with every strike with the Power Sword.
Healing attackSwordsman's ZealRegain some health with every successful strike of the Chainsword.

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