Rokkit Boy
Ork icon 24
Rokkit boy
Health200 (Exterminatus 60)
DamageDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14

Rokkit Boyz or Tankbusta's are a more dangerous variant of the basic Ork Shoota Boy, having exchanged their shootas for rokkit launchas.


The rokkit launchas are quite deadly if they hit, but thankfully, the typical Ork inaccuracy means this rarely happens. Still, stay on the move, as the rokkits can deal quite a bit of splash damage. They take a while to reload and fire, so move in to melee range after they fire a shot, or blast them quickly.

Note that because of the ballistic trajectory of rokkitz, they can occassionally hit you even when you are behind cover. Conversely, you can safely fight Rokkit Boyz from under an overhang, corridor, or any location underneath good overhead cover, as the missiles will be blocked from hitting you.

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