Inquisitorial Servo Skull

Inquisitorial Servo Skull

Servo Skulls are drone-like robotic devices fashioned from the skulls of pious Imperial servants and outfitted with anti-gravity field generators which allow them to hover and drift through the air.

Servo Skulls are primarily utilized in a secretarial role within an Inquisitor's retinue, but also in a military capacity as scouts due to their size, maneuverability, and resilience to hazardous conditions. Though only capable of performing menial tasks, it is considered a great honor to be chosen to become a servo skull and continue the Emperor's work after death.

Servo Skull locationsEdit

A total of 48 Servo Skulls can be found across the Space Marine single-player campaign. They contain audio logs giving some backstory context to the game. Finding the Skulls will also unlock achievements for finding 10 and then all 48 of them.

Chapter 1Edit

No Skulls.

Chapter 2Edit

Skull Audio log Location
1 Workshift Log 1/5 Chapter Start - At the start, walk on until you see the first Gretchins, then go right behind the wall and blow up the Orky barricade to find the Skull behind it. {See It Here}
2 Guardsman's Journal 1/5 Chapter Start - Soon after meeting with Leandros and an ambush by Gretchins, the Skull should be near some sandbags, in front of you. {See It Here}
3 Medicae Log 1/5 Trenches - After you meet Mira and exit to the trenches, look inside the second bunker to find the Skull. {See It Here}
4 Lt. Mira's Log 1/5 No Man's Land - After you enter the destroyed building after the trench area, look for the Skull in a small room to the left, with a grenade crate in the doorway. {See It Here}
5 Guardsman's Journal 2/5 No Man's Land - After exiting said house, the next Skull is in the first bunker on the left. {See It Here}

Chapter 3Edit

Skull Audio log Location
6 Duty Log 1/5 Chapter Start - Once you enter the fortress, there is a barricade to the right that you can destroy to reach a room with the Skull inside.When you see the chain pulling up the shells there is a hole in the wall on the right, use the makeshift ramp to climb in and the skull is in there. [See It Here}
7 Lt. Mira's Log 2/5 Armory - After riding the elevator down, the Skull is ahead of you by some ammo. {See It Here}

Chapter 4 - Titans of GraiaEdit

Skull Audio log Location
8 Medicae Log 2/5 Train Station - A little before boarding the train looted by Orks, you cross a barricaded walkway with some Orks and Bomb Squigs. At the end of the first walkway, turn left and check the niches. {See It Here}

Chapter 5 - The InquisitorEdit

Skull Audio log Location
9 Guardsman's Journal 3/5 Chapter Start - After you see the huge crane and fight Orks in the lower area, go up to the ramp but dont ascend it, check behind it is behind the boxes on the right. {See It Here}
10 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 1/5 Cargo Bay - After taking the elevator down, it is in the middle of a long hallway next to some crates and Guardsmen. {See It Here}

Chapter 6 - Lair of GiantsEdit

Skull Audio log Location
11 Workshift Log 2/5 Chapter Start - Just after you take the lift up, on a side platform to the left of the main walkway with a view of the Titan. {See It Here}
12 Inquisitor Report 2/5 Chapter Start - In a large room with conveyor belts and orks coming out of pipes (first encounter with orks in this chapter), on a dead end walkway to the left of the exit out of the room. {See It Here}

Chapter 7 - Heart of DarknessEdit

Skull Audio log Location
13 Duty Log 2/5 Chapter Start - In the second long, narrow room with pillars down the middle and pipes and walkways along the walls. Go into the door right next to the exist out of the room, that the orks came out of. {See It Here}
14 Medicae Log 3/5 Chapter Start - Just after you find the Melta Gun. Jump down onto the walkway, turn left, and break through an ork barricade. {See It Here}

Chapter 8 - Whispers of the DeadEdit

Skull Audio log Location
15 Medicae Log 4/5 Chapter Start - Just after the start of the chapter, under the ledge you have to jump down from. {See It Here}
16 Inquisitor Report 3/5 Chapter Start - After you get the Lascannon, in a small room off to the right side of the narrow corridor. {See It Here}
17 Workshift Log 3/5 Chapter Start - Immediately after the previous one. Up the stairs, room on the left. {See It Here}
18 Personal Message 1/5 Street Warfare - After a Rok lands nearby, in a dead end on the right side of the underground tunnel. {See It Here}
19 Inquisitor Report 4/5 Street Warfare - On the upper level of a large room, to the left of the ramp leading to the surface. {See It Here}
20 Personal Message 2/5 Jump Pack - After you obtain the Jump Pack, jump onto the wall, then onto the second level through a large hole in the wall right in front of you. {See It Here}
21 Inquisitor Report 5/5 Immediately after the previous one. As you make you way out of the large room and past the landed Ork Rok, the skull is to the right of the staircase. {See It Here}
22 Workshift Log 4/5 In a dead end accessible from the upper level of the large circular room where you fight the first Weirdboy, to the right of the exit out of the room. {See It Here}
23 Drogan's Journal 1/10 Soon after the previous one. Instead of going right towards the objective indicator, continue straight on into a large dead end. {See It Here}
24 Workshift Log 5/5 From the stairs before skull number 23, head through the hole in the wall towards the objective indicator, then turn right and begin jumping up. As you go, keep a look out for a hole in the left-side wall, very high up. You'll be able to see the back of a large statue from outside this hole. Through the hole is a chapel. The skull is in front of the statue. {See It Here}

Chapter 9 - The WeaponEdit

Skull Audio log Location
25 Personal Message 3/5 Kalkys Outskirts - Early from the checkpoint, left from the bridge destroyed by an Ork rok. {See It Here}
26 Medicae Log 5/5 Kalkys Outskirts - Next to a crashed Valkyrie where the canyons converge. Hard to miss. {See It Here}
27 Lt. Mira's Log 3/5 Kalkys Outskirts - Left of the ramp (after the second pipe) just before heading up the ramp and leaving the canal. {See It Here}

Chapter 10 - House of SecretsEdit

Skull Audio log Location
28 Duty Log 3/5 Chapter Start - You can see this on the right behind a doorway from the big room with multiple turrets. After leaving the room, destroy two turrets in the corridor and turn right to reach it. {See It Here}
29 Duty Log 4/5 The Labs - In one of the smaller lab rooms with a single turret inside. {See It Here}
30 Drogan's Journal 2/10 Security Room - At the generator room, wait before inserting the Power Source and look to the right near a burning doorway where Orks came from. {See It Here}

Chapter 11Edit

No Skulls.

Chapter 12 - Dying of the LightEdit

Skull Audio log Location
31 Personal Message 4/5 Chapter Start - At the beginning, drop down into the pipe, move on until small stairs and intersection. Skull is on the left, behind a destructible Ork barricade. {See It Here}
32 Drogan's Journal 3/10 Chapter Start - Next room from the previous Skull, on the other side of the Iron Halo and weapon crates (left from exit). {See It Here}
33 Lt. Mira's Log 4/5 Chapter Start - After exiting the next area (Orks fighting Chaos) via the ramp, go up the stairs and find the Skull in a small room upstairs. {See It Here}
34 Guardsman's Journal 4/5 Enemies Aplenty - After the elevator down and meeting Mira, you fight through a large room with Orks. The Skull is on the other side, by the back wall. {See It Here}
35 Drogan's Journal 4/10 Enemies Aplenty - Another Ork battle in a large space crossed by a catwalk, then an elevator up and into a hallway. When Mira is contacted over vox, you should see the Skull in a small room on the right. {See It Here}
36 Duty Log 5/5 Bastion Primus - From the previous location, carry on until you find the Plasma Gun and other gear. The Skull is in a corner. Impossible to miss. {See It Here}
37 Guardsman's Journal 5/5 Bastion Primus - After defending the outpost and leaving your squad, you drop down into a trench on your right. The Skull is next to the weapon crates. {See It Here}
38 Lt. Mira's Log 5/5 Showdown - After activating the sentry guns you go through a small doorway and down into a bunker. In the room with tons of weapon crates, look behind the containers. This is right at the checkpoint Showdown. {See It Here}

Chapter 13Edit

Skull Audio log Location
39 Drogan's Journal 5/10 Chapter Start - At the beginning, when you enter the catwalk area with the first enemies, look into a doorway on the left right after entering the area. {See It Here}
40 Drogan's Journal 6/10 Free the Titan - After riding the big elevator down, it's right in front of you when you exit the elevator. {See It Here}
41 Drogan's Journal 7/10 Free the Titan - Right after you fight the Raptor champion and split from your squad, go up the ramp on the left of the elevator (center) door and check the small room. {See It Here}
42 Possession 1/3 Free the Titan - Where you meet the first Chaos Drone on the catwalks, check the middle doorway (left side when facing the exit) before leaving the area. {See It Here}

Chapter 14Edit

No skulls.

Chapter 15 - Prince of DaemonsEdit

Skull Audio log Location
43 Drogan's Journal 8/10 Chapter Start - Right at the beginning; ride the elevator down and it's right in front of you. {See It Here}
44 Personal Message 5/5 Traitor's Arena - After fighting Traitor Marines with Lascannons and a Daemon Maul guy in the round area with the collapsed roof. You will go up and down some ramps, kill a few Chaos cultists, and step down into an area where the roof is still intact. On your right side as you step down that little dirt ramp, behind a slumping panel of metal wreckage, is a broken Marine-sized pipe lying on its side. The servo skull is inside the pipe. {See It Here}
45 Possession 2/3 Traitor's Arena - After exiting the next area (several waves of Bloodletters), the Skull is right in front of you in the hallway, behind some weapon crates at the foot of the little stairs. {See It Here}

Chapter 16Edit

Skull Audio log Location
46 Drogan's Journal 9/10 Ascent - During the Jump Pack phase, after the first Tainted Psyker battle you can see the Skull in the hallway on the left right after exiting the area. {See It Here}
47 Drogan's Journal 10/10 Vertigo - In the next area, there is a slightly elevated floating platform with a Plasma Cannon guy directly ahead. The Skull can be found here. {See It Here}
48 Possession 3/3 Vertigo - After the Jump Pack phase, when you see the first Chaos Drone, check the room to your right. {See It Here}

Chapter 17Edit

No Skulls.

Chapter 18Edit

No Skulls.

Servo Skulls messagesEdit

Here there are the messages each Servo Skull has stored.

;name##: The name of each record
;text##: The transcription
;|Workshift /5
;|Guardsman's Journal /5
;|Medicae Log /5
;|Lt Mira's Log /5
;|Duty Log /5
;|Personal Message /5
;|Possession /3
;|Drogan's Journal /10
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