Stalker Bolter
Tactical 24x16
Stalker bolter
UnlockLevel 4
Dmg HPDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14
Dmg ARDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14
RangeDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14
DetailsThe Stalker Bolter favors precision over brute force. Depending on modifications, it can serve as a battle rifle or a sniper weapon.

The Stalker Bolter is a scoped long-range variant of the standard Bolter used by Space Marines.

Each bolt does 50 health damage & 40 armour damage, with a body shot. Also, this weapon is capable of longer ranged Head Shots, than most other ranged weapons, that do x2 damage to health & x3 damage to armour. Also of note, each bolt fired pass through your target(s), but not cover. This Space Marine weapon is functionally identical to the Daemon Eye Bolter.


Famously wielded by Ultramarines Scout Sergeant Telion, the Stalker Bolter is the hallmark of a Space Marine favoring precision over brute force. Depending on the specific modifications made by the wielder, the Stalker Bolter can serve as a precision battle rifle or a high-powered sniper weapon.

Despite its primary use as a weapon for engaging foes at great distances, it remains effective at shorter ranges, especially when using the Burst Fire perk.

It is not mentioned whether the Stalker Bolter in Space Marine uses the silenced Stalker rounds with the same name, though the powerful audible report would indicate that this is not the case.

Performance Edit

Weapon PerksEdit

Stalker larger magStalker Ammo ReservesThe Stalker Bolter and Daemon Eye Bolter have increased ammunition stores.
Stalker mag optimizationBurst FireThe Stalker Bolter or Daemon Eye Bolter fires 2-round bursts instead of a single shot.


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