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Stormboyz are the Orks' close combat assault infantry, who can jump into battle through the use of primitive jump packs.


Most Stormboyz are usually younger Orks who for various, inexplicable reasons, have grown tired of the normally anarchic lifestyle among the regular Ork boyz. Longing for discipline and a place in orkoid society, these youths often run off to join a Stormboyz camp. This is particularly typical of the youths of the Goffs and Blood Axe clans.

While at these camps the young Orks are drilled in marching and hurtling through the air, a regimental lifestyle that these Orks can become easily addicted to. It may be due to their chosen lifestyle that Ork Stormboyz have an actual respect for authority rare in Ork Kultur.


These only appear in the first section of Chapter 9. Whilst more durable than Slugga Boyz, they only wield a Slugga (the very last one you fight has a grenade), which doesn't do all that much damage unless it's sustained fire. Since you're using a Heavy Bolter for most of that section, simply aim and fire, and they should drop dead quickly.