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Veterans of countless centuries of war, Tactical Chaos Space Marines are versatile and fearsome champions for their Dark Gods. Like loyalist Tactical Marines, Chaos Space Marines can serve in almost any battlefield role from front-line assault to holding ground and more.


Tactical Marines are the mainstay of Chaos Space Marine forces, elite warriors functioning as versatile front line troops that bear the brunt of operations. They can wield a wide variety of weapons with great effect. The Tactical class strikes a balance between ranged combat and close combat.

Tactical Marines enjoy being the most agile of the three classes. In multiplayer their ground roll allows the marine to cover 8 meters quickly as well as travel through any players and NPCs. While walking the travel at 6.18 m/s, which can be increased to 150% when running, which is the fastest of all classes. By comparison walking while aiming a weapon only moves at 40% speed. Also of note, there is a glitch that allows the Chaos Space Marine to shoot through some cover, just by standing next to it, although this does not work with the Melta Gun, Vengeance Launcher & Plasma Gun's charged shot.

Hia armor is Chaos Power armor (Online) but with Rage Armor's left greave. Also, for a brief strategic summary of Exterminatus for the Tactical class, check out the Loyalist Tactical Marines page.

Weapon optionsEdit

Knife chaosCombat KnifeNo Chaos Space Marine leaves home without it.
Bolt pistol chaosBolt PistolIn service for millennia, this pistol pulses with the hatred of the Chaos Space Marines who have wielded it.
Bolter chaosBolterThis Bolter is the fearsome counterpart to the gleaming weapons of the loyalists. Each self-propelled explosive round is branded with dark sigils.
Plasma gun chaosPlasma GunThis desecrated Plasma Gun fires charged energy pulses able to damage heavily armored targets. This rapid-fire weapon is deadly, but prone to overheating.
Stalker bolter chaosDaemon Eye BolterThe Daemon Eye Bolters have foul Warp creatures bound into them, warping space along the projectile's path and creating a weapon of deadly precision.
Meltagun chaosMelta GunFires a scorching plume of heat at close range. This power comes at the expense of low ammunition stores and a long recharge between shots.
Stormbolter chaosTwin BolterThe product of the desecrated forges of the Iron Warriors Legion, the Twin-linked Bolter is designed to chew through any loyalist who dares close range.
Vengeance cannonVengeance LauncherThe experimental Graia-pattern Vengeance Launcher is not authorized for use off world. It is effective against a range of targets.

Special Equipment options Edit

Frag grenadeFrag GrenadesTimed anti-infantry grenades.
Krak grenadeBlind GrenadesFlash grenades designed to blind or disorient the enemy.
Stimpack mpCombat StimulantsTemporary damage resistance and increased close-combat damage..

Class Perks Edit

BandolierFavor of the ArmoryIncreases the number of special equipment carried (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, Combat Stims).
Larramans blessingLarraman's BlessingSignificantly improved Health regeneration rate.
MechanicMaster-Crafted WargearIncreased equipment effectiveness (Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Combat Stims).
Tactical insertionRapid DeploymentReduced time before returning to battle.
Combat knife trainingSerrated Combat BladeIncreased close-combat damage.
Enemy infoTactical ReadoutArmor and Health indicators are displayed above opposing players.
Teleport beaconTeleport HomerAllies re-entering combat may do so at your position (so long as you remain alive).
Secondary weaponWeapon VersatilityAn additional weapon can be equipped.

Weapon PerksEdit

Melta more shotsAdditional Melta FuelThe Melta Gun has an increased fuel capacity.
Bolter improved riflingBolter TargeterIncreased accuracy with the Bolter.
Stalker mag optimizationBurst FireThe Stalker Bolter or Daemon Eye Bolter fires 2-round bursts instead of a single shot.
Plasma gun cell capacityEnlarged Plasma ChamberThe Plasma Gun carries more energy.
Melta blast shape lengtheningImproved Melta ChargeThe Melta Gun's chamber is recharged more quickly.
Plasma gun heat dissipationImproved Plasma ChargeReduces the time it takes to fire a charged shot.
Custom weightingImproved Twin-LinkImproved handling when firing a Storm Bolter or Twin Bolter from the hip.
Kraken penetrator roundsKraken BoltsBolter deals more damage to enemy Armor and can punch through targets.
Storm bolter mag optimizationRapid-Fire ReloadIncreased reload speed for the Storm Bolter or Twin Bolter.
Stalker larger magStalker Ammo ReservesThe Stalker Bolter and Daemon Eye Bolter have increased ammunition stores.
Gren launcher more grenadesVengeance ProjectilesThe Graia-pattern Vengeance Launcher can have more active fusion charges at one time.
Gren launcher improved moduleVengeance PayloadThe Graia-pattern Vengeance Launcher carries additional fusion charges.


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