Teleport Homer
Teleport beacon.png
Teleport Homer
UnlockLevel 1
DetailsAllies re-entering combat may do so at your position (so long as you remain alive).

Teleport Homer is a Tactical class perk available at level 1.

When your teammates are at the spawn screen (either from entering the game or after death), the normal options are to spawn either at the Default Location or one of the captured Control Point. A list of teammates appears under these locations, but is usually inaccessible unless that (already spawned) teammate has the Teleport Homer perk, whereby the icon will appear beside his name. Any unspawned (i.e. dead) players will then be able to enter the game by spawning directly beside the team member that has the Teleport Homer perk.

Just one or two players with Teleport Homer can be used to cause a heavy concentration of players when attacking a forward objective. The effect is magnified when their other teammates use the Rapid Deployment perk to increase respawn speed, allowing a team to quickly overwhelm an enemy team of similarly-skilled players, and capture the objective.

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