Valkyries being attacked by Ork Stormboyz

The Valkyrie is an Imperial airborne assault carrier with VTOL capability, used primarily by the Imperial Guard as both a gunship and a transport for airborne combat regiments.


Captain Titus rides as a passenger on Imperial Guard Valkyrie transports during some stages of the game. The initial section of Chapter 9 has Titus manning a side-mounted Heavy Bolter from the Valkyrie's crew compartment while in flight, to defend against an attack by Dakkajets and Stormboyz deploying from an Ork dropship.

A Valkyrie named Imperious is seen in the epilogue (Chapter 18), landing on Graia with Inquisitor Thrax and some Black Templars. It has a darker color scheme than the ones used by the 203rd Cadian and has the symbol of the Inquisition painted on.