Sm chapter1 preparations

Preparing for the assault.

This is the walkthrough for Chapter 1: Planetfall of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. The name of this chapter is a reference to Relic's first 40K game, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, where the first single-player mission was called "Planet Fall".

In this short opening chapter, the player character, Captain Titus, leads a squad of Ultramarines into a daring Jump Pack descent to the surface of Forge World Graia through anti-air fire, and takes out Warboss Grimskull's Kill Krooza on the way down.

Checkpoint: Chapter Start Edit

The first checkpoint for this chapter is just the opening cutscene, and if you start from "Chapter Start", you don't need to do anything yet.

Checkpoint: Kill Krooza Edit

Sm chapter1 kill krooza

Descent to the Kill Krooza.

After a four-minute cutscene you land in a blocked-off area and are shown how to use your Combat Knife. Slice up some Gretchin and Slugga Boyz with your knife using the X360 X/Ps3 square/Rmb 16 and get familiar with the controls.

If you are playing on Hard, avoid getting swarmed by even low-level melee mobs. Kite backwards and thin them out with the Bolt Pistol (aim for the heads to conserve ammo and reload less frequently). If you have full health, you don't need to Execute; if you do, try to separate an enemy from the mob or Execute the last survivors.

The game then introduces you to the Stun move which you can activate with X360 Y/Ps3 triangle/Keyboard F. Then you can press X360 B/Ps3 circle/Keyboard E to finish off enemies with a knife to the head (Execute); this also replenishes some of your health.

After leaving the initial area, you must blow up some pipes by shooting at fuel tanks to advance. There are some Shoota Boyz up ahead, shooting at you from distance; take them out directly or shoot at the explosive hazard behind them to get them all in one shot. You're then thrown into a larger-scale fight, where you can mix up your melee and gun attacks. Once everyone's dead, walk forward to trigger Warboss Grimskull's first cutscene appearance.

Sm chapter1 krooza cannon

Turn the cannon to destroy the ship.

Your next objective should be updated: Disable the Ork Ship. This part is as straightforward as it gets: kill Orks, use Stun and Execute, and revel in the glory of all that gore and gratuitous slow-motion. The Orks tend to throw a lot of grenades in this part, so make sure to combat roll (X360 A/Ps3 cross/Spacebar) out of the way whenever possible.

Once you've killed all the Orks, walk up to the turret in the center of the upper deck area and press X360 B/Ps3 circle/Keyboard E to rotate the turret so it fires on the Krooza and end the mission.

Space marine Walkthrough-Part 1 planet fall

Space marine Walkthrough-Part 1 planet fall

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