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Weird boy
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Weirdboyz are Ork psykers, unique in that they act as psychic sponges, absorbing and channeling the psychic energies of other Orks. All Orks are innately psychic, though only a few – the Weirdboyz – have their psychic powers fully developed.


Weirdboyz are Ork psykers acting as a sort of psychic sponge, absorbing the energies of nearby Orks and unleashing them as devastating psychic attacks. As well as offensive attacks, the more talented Weirdboyz can teleport themselves and other Ork units in and out of combat at will.

Strategy Edit

These are extremely annoying enemies, as they teleport around the area, bring in a constant stream of reinforcements, and are well shielded. However, you will always have a Jump Pack equipped when you encounter them. Their psychic shield gives off a distinctive green glow, search for it, then jump, Ground Pound and melee combo. Focus on the Weirdboy, as any other Orks you kill will simply be replaced later on however this can be useful for hoarding kills in order to gain Achievements.